The 26th Annual Fine Arts Student Exhibition features work made in a wide range of art classes from the past year. In these classes, students from different majors across campus practice the building of form, the process of conceptual development, critical thinking, and the value of a commitment to craft.

The Fine Arts Department at Vancouver believes that mark-making is an essential human activity, exploring the connection between contemporary art, culture, and the built environment.

Artists: Kayla Aiman, Jamie Anoai-Shroyer, Dakota Benjamin, Maija Bennett, Cedar Brown-Geldreich, Jenn Carlsen, Marilou Cassidy, Yaremy Clara, Ilona Coscodan, Marianna Cruz, Emily Effinger, Olivia Eldredge, Jade Goggin, Avery Huver, Roxy Hong, Shayleigh Howells, Seth Jordan, Annika Larman, Megan Macomber, Eli Mitchell-Hopmeier, Mimi Nguyen, Ana Dominguez Pacheco, Bibiana Picho-Garcia, Jace Rintala, Janet Rodriguez, Dante Dian Torres, Tiffany Tucker, Nina Uchtmann, Lauren Varney, Colin Willis, Paesli Wilson, and Taylor Wiss