Escape from… is a series of installations by students in the Beginning Drawing class of the Fine Arts Department. Curated by Professor Avantika Bawa, these works are informed by the interior architecture of sites around campus, including the Library, the Writing Center and Firstenburg Student Commons.

Scattered throughout these sites you will find these artworks, some that are easy to locate, while some just creep up on you. Each installation takes into account the site where it is installed, either by responding directly to the surrounding architecture, or the function of that particular area. In some cases, the works are the result of an imagination gone wild, while thinking of an alternative purpose of that location.

From Beyond the Deep

Amelia Seley, Brent Ocampo, Robert Sagastume, and Valorie Worden

The Writing Center

The Lesser Seen Things

Lucas Rogers, Xander Williams, Evan Renfro, and Victoria Moehring

Firstenburg Student Commons

A Walk in the Rainforest

Sorya Baxter, Teresa Patron Rivera, and Adrian Chwaliszewski

The Library

A World of Possibilities

Allison Balogh, Navleen Kaur, Mary Nguyen, and Liliya Tarkovskaya

The Library