The 27th Annual Fine Arts Student Exhibition

4/10/23 – 8/11/23
Dengerink Gallery, VDEN Building

Installation shot of The 27th Annual Fine Arts Student Exhibition

The 27th Annual Fine Arts Student Exhibition features work made in a wide range of art classes from the past year. In these classes, students from different majors across campus practice the building of form, the process of conceptual development, critical thinking, and the value of a commitment to craft. The Fine Arts Department at Vancouver believes that mark-making is an essential human activity, exploring the connection between contemporary art, culture, and the built environment.

O Horizon, Jaycee Ritola, Ink on paper

Left: Fleuri du chagrin, Hunter McLamb, Linocut
Middle: ¡Calaveras con Ritmo!, Marianna Cruz, Linocut
Right: Rising to the Surface, Sammy Garcia, Linocut

In addition to works made by students, this year we also present re(re)site. (re)site, a recent solo show by artist Karl Burkheimer, included a drywall monolithic structure and occupied the VDEN Gallery from 1/18 – 4/9. This work served as a platform that encouraged collaborations and interventions from the students, staff and faculty of the WSU Vancouver community. By drawing, painting, printing, and wheat-pasting on this surface, either through specific prompts or pure intuition, the works soon became the work of not just one artist, but the community of our campus. Authorship was now a blurry line.

3D Practice Forms from left to right: Sami Francis, Nicole Nelson, and Mattie Whitters

As a final gesture to the spirit of intervention and the WSU Vancouver student show, the gallery committee selected graduating senior, Jamie Anoai-Shroyer to create one final grand intervention. The work was covered in a translucent white paint alluding to its past, reemerging to its semi-original state as monolithic form. The geometric orange shapes are a continuation of Jamie’s interests in language, text, meaning and abstraction, and the power of sustained looking to recognize patterns.

Karl Burkheimer’s (re)site with Intervention by Jamie Anoai-Shroyer, Acrylic on drywall

Artists: Jamie Anoai-Shroyer, Marianna Cruz, Olivia Eldredge, Sami Francis, Sammy Garcia, Delancy Hizer, Annika Larman, Hunter McLamb, Haley Shea Miller, Courtney Minden, Travis Morey, Nicole Nelson, Josalyn Ortiz, Jose Pinerua, Jaycee Ritola, Stephanie Walsh, Xander Warren, and Mattie Whitters.

Broken Record, Annika Larman, Ink on paper