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Department of Psychology Affective and Cognitive Influences of Decisions (ACID) Lab


In the ACID lab we study the interplay of hot/emotional and cold/rational cognitive processes in decision making, especially decisions that involve risk.  Psychologists speak of risk when there is uncertainty about outcomes that will result from actions.  In the laboratory we conduct experiments to determine how environmental and biological constraints, such as sleep deprivation or healthy aging, affect the hot and cold cognitive processes that contribute to good or bad risky decision making.

Lab News

December 20, 2017​, Science Daily: Seeing gene influencing performance of sleep-deprived people (link:

July 31, 2017, Washington Post: Your stoner friend really is a lot more relaxed than you, scientists confirm (link:

May 12, 2015, WSU News: Research shows sleep loss impedes decision making in crisis (link:

May 7, 2015, NPR Health News, Short on sleep? You could be a disaster waiting to happen (link:

Participate in Research:

If you are a student at WSU and would like to participate in our research to fulfill a class requirement, please click the link below and you will be directed to the Psychology Department Subject Pool.

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