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Department of Psychology Affective and Cognitive Influences of Decisions (ACID) Lab




John Hinson

T: (509) 335-1089
Office: Johnson Tower 350

Paul Whitney

T: (509) 335-4582
Office: Thompson Hall 309

Graduate students / Post-doctoral fellows

Anthony Stenson

O: Johnson Tower 204

Courtney Kurinec

O: Johnson Tower 233



Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate News

RAs Courtney Cox, Emily Paup, and Sarah Kessinger are serving as officers in the department’s Psychology Club this year!

RAs Matthew Sionson and Rylee Hansen are serving as peer mentors in the department’s mentoring program:

Congrat​s to RA Haley Delgado on winning a 2018 LEAD award:​

Congrats to RA Denzel McCray on winning a 2018 Big Ten Senior award: ​​​

Congrats to RA Courtney Cox on winning a department research grant for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Congrats to RA Lysandra Perez on winning a Crimson award at SURCA:​

Congrats to RAs Haley Delgado, David Saldivar, Lysandra Perez, Samantha Gottlieb, Denzel McCray, and Maria McCray for presenting research at the 2018 Western Psychological Association Conference in Portland, OR

Rylee Hansen
Sarah Kessinger
Emma Ostberg
Emily Paup
Kaitlyn Freeland

Amelia Vanmeter
Stephan Geraud
Meghan Paulo
Katie Esler
Tatum Corbin
Mary Bagot

Courtney Cox
Jamie Basnillo
Vasileios​ Charalambides
Matthew Sionson
Aria Schreibman​​
Nichol Fletcher