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1. Transformation Optics

With the advent of metamaterials, transformation optics provides great opportunities to control electromagnetic wave to create materials with specific engineered properties which may not be available in nature. Our research in this area includes: mapping, quasi-conformal mapping, inverse mapping, electromagnetic cloaking and inverse cloaking. For example, the flattened luneburg lens and flattened parabolic antenna is design by proposed transformation optics 

                   Flattened Luneburg Lens                                            Flattened Parabolic Reflecto

2. RF/Microwave Circuits

In this field, our research interests are: Design compact, reconfigurable and wideband RF/Microwave and millimeter wave passive circuits as power divider, coupler, circulator, crossover, phased array feeding network, and six ports; Design compact reconfigurable on-chip transmission line for millimeter wave circuits and on-chip interconnect with low latency for high speed 3D IC; Design wideband RF/Mirowave and millimeter wave power amplifier including high power transistor (LDMOS, GaN, and GaN-on-silicon) die design and optimization, in-package integrated passive device, circuit architecture (Doherty and Chireix), package modeling, and system level characterization.  

3. Plasmonics and Nano-Photonics

The interaction between electromagnetic field and free electrons in a metal will generate Plasmonics, and the nano-photonics is study of interaction behavior between light and nano-scale objects. In this area, our research topics are: Surface plasmon polariton, plasmonic waveguide, and configurable THz plasmonic devices.  

4. Wireless System

In this field, my research interests are: Millimeter wave reconfigurable analog front end including phased array antenna, feeding network, phase and amplitude controller, frequency generator, digital baseband signal processing, wireless sensor, wireless network, analog circuit and controller circuit design.