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Department of Psychology Behavioral Pharmacology Lab

We have demonstrated that HBO₂ therapy causes relief of acute pain and gathered convincing evidence that HBO₂ therapy activates central pathways that can produce long-lasting relief of neuropathic pain in animal models of chronic pain.  Our most recent work focuses on the ability of HBO₂ to reduce physical withdrawal signs in morphine-dependent mice.  We have also expanded these studies into human subjects and have shown that HBO₂ therapy ameliorates withdrawal signs in methadone patients following a reduction in their daily methadone dose.  HBO₂ also improves the quantity and quality of sleep in methadone patients.  The FDA has approved fourteen specific uses for HBO₂ therapy.  It is not approved for the treatment of neuropathic pain or drug dependence.  Our research may stimulate further studies to gather the clinical evidence for the FDA to approve HBO₂ therapy for these uses.