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Brunner Lab People

Mitch successfully defends his thesis!

Mitch successfully defended his masters thesis last week! Entitled, “Are scavengers good for your health? The effect of scavengers on disease transmission,” it focuses on determining whether invertebrate scavengers, primarily dytiscid beetle larvae, minimize transmission from infectious carcasses to naive amphibian larvae through necrophagy (they do) or, by being messy eaters, increase transmission through the water (they don’t). It’s pretty cool! He’s preparing the manuscript for submission and then off to greener pastures!


Well done, Mitch!

Christian and Christina join the lab!

Welcome to new masters’ students, Christian Yarber and Christina Thomas! Christian is coming to us from UT Knoxville where he worked in a number of labs, including Matt Gray’s lab doing amphibian disease experiments. Christina graduated from WSU a bit ago and has been working on tick projects in NYS all summer. So glad you two could join us!