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Department of Physics and Astronomy Collins Research Group

Study on resonant anisotropic scattering published in J. Synchrotron Radiation

A computational study probing how different morphologies can result in anisotropic scattering from isotropic films has been published in the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation entitled “Origins of polarization-dependent anisotropic X-ray scattering from organic thin films.” This work will enable definitive interpretations of X-ray scattering experiments on our films based on conjugated polymers toward quantitative measurements of molecular orientation within nanostructures.

Matthew Waldrip Wins Summer Mini-Grant Support

Matthew Waldrip won a competitive application for summer research support in the Collins Lab. His proposal is to develop fast field switching inside an organic solar cell beyond RC constraints to achieve ~10ns resolution in Time-Dependent Collection Field measurements.

New Faculty Seed Grant Awarded

The Collins Lab has been awarded the WSU New Faculty Seed Grant through the internal competition process. This grant funds the work of one graduate student throughout two academic semesters toward the goal of acquiring initial data for extramural grants. The project is to develop initial results on orientation-dependent optical models of polymer molecules to quantitatively measure molecular orientation and conformation in thin film nanostructures.