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Department of Physics and Astronomy Collins Research Group


Advanced Light Source at Berkeley National Laboratory



Washington State University



  • Advanced device processing and in-situ testing facility for optoelectronics
    • Inert N2 glovebox environments (<ppm O2 & H2O)
    • Solution deposition and processing: Custom blade coater, spincoater, solution prep, film annealing capabilities
    • Automated evaporative deposition: 4 thermal (metals), 2 effusion cells (organics)
Caption Test
  • Fume Hood for ex-situ wet processing and substrate processing

  • Solar simulation and equantum efficiency measurements for solar cells.

  • Nanosecond (Q-switched) pulsed ND:YAG laser pumped OPO (wavelength tunable)
    • Measures charge generation yields (TDCF) & recombination kinetics (TPV)
  • Sub-nanosecond photoluminescence detection: measuring recombination states and lifetimes
  • GHz Oscilloscope/Lock-in Amplifier for measuring fast waveforms and weak signals