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Complex Social Interactions Lab David A. Makin

David A. Makin, Principle Investigator

David A. Makin is an associate professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology and co-founder of the Complex Social Interaction lab (CSI). CSI is dedicated to developing technology and performance metrics to aid the public safety and security community.  CSI has a provisional patent on the use of audio analytics and machine learning for detecting intense police-community interactions. Additionally, using analytics (audio, video, and biometrics) and machine learning, the lab is working towards the development of technologies and process for early warning systems, post-event analysis, and incident flagging for a range of public safety and security stakeholders. CSI is also involved in the development of a wearable device for police officers.

In the role of principal investigator, Dr. Makin develops ways to apply analytics to meaningful real world situations. His research on predictive modeling, hot spot analysis, integration of disparate data systems, and performance metrics shows his commitment to integrating technology into the public safety and security community – with an emphasis on practical applications.