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Complex Social Interactions Lab Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey, Co-PI

Rachel Bailey’s research program examines how biological imperatives interact with environmental circumstances to influence human behavior, information processing, and decision-making. Before joining the CSI Lab, Dr. Bailey developed a theoretical model of environmental circumstances that lead to automaticity in information encoding.

Dr. Bailey has also built a strong record of research examining processing of motivationally relevant information, especially food stimuli, and food decision-making behaviors under various environmental constraints. Dr. Bailey is an expert in the use of peripheral psychophysiological methods and directs the Communication Emotion and Cognition Lab at Washington State University. As a CSI Lab Co-Investigator, she will be heading up the application of autonomic psychophysiological metrics in the lab’s multiple metric approach. This approach will allow the investigators to understand more accurately what is going on for officers in high stress circumstances rather than simply relying on self-reported perceptions and memories alone. Dr. Bailey received her PhD in Mass Communication from Indiana University in 2014. Her work is published in high-ranking communication and psychology journals.