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CUB Health Lab

Creating Unique Breakthroughs in Health

Welcome to the CUB Lab

Gordon Moore, a pioneer in semi-conductor technology, famously predicted decades ago that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit, and thus computing power in general, would double approximately every two years.  This growth has been the impetus behind the technology revolution as we know it.  Nowadays, what became an amazing rule of thumb (Moore’s Law), may in fact be slowing down; shifting perhaps even more of the focus and attention to the application of these technologies.

Specifically, for the CUB Health Lab, technology guides our mission to find solutions to health-related challenges.  Our philosophy is to apply, transform and create new technologies in an open, interdisciplinary setting, where the patient or user is always at the center.  Along the way, we aim to train a new generation of innovators who can tackle applied clinical problems from a broad technical, scientific and human factors perspective.


Martin Schiavenato


Martin Schiavenato, PhD | PROFILE

A self-professed “Trekkie” and former US Army Combat Medic and Army Nurse, Martin’s focus in the intersection between technology and health began to take shape after his experiences as a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) nurse.  The NICU is a high-tech environment where human intervention and machines play a critical role in saving and sustaining fragile lives.  This fusion of  technological innovation and complex human factors formed the basis for the pursuit of both his academic career, and the creation of the CUB Lab.

Although brought up in the city, Martin now pursues a rural lifestyle with his family.  He enjoys gardening, raising chickens, and any excuse to ride his tractor.






Subhanshu GuptaSubhanshu Gupta, PhD | PROFILE

An experienced engineer in industry, Shube transitioned back to academia where his current interests include challenges encompassing design problems in low-power sensor design, miniaturization, flexible substrates, wireless transfer and algorithmic integration -all into a very tiny platform of few millimeters. He is ordered and systematic.

He balances work with vacations with friends and family exploring new locales with a random chaos rather than a defined order.


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