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Driskell Laboratory Who We Are

Ryan Driskell, Ph.D.


Iwona Driskell, Ph.D


Quan Phan

Shelby Havel

Sean Thompson


Natalie Williams


Dr. Driskell is the head of the Fibroblast and Skin Regeneration Laboratory at the School of Molecular Biosciences in Washington State University. He trained as a Cell and Developmental Biologists in the laboratory of Dr. John Engelhardt at the University of Iowa where he received his Ph.D.  in 2006 studying lung biology and Wnt signaling. Dr. Driskell did his post-doctoral training in Dr. Fiona Watt’s Laboratories at Cambridge University and King’s College London in the UK, where he established a functional fibroblast lineage hierarchy that is important in regulating the architectural nature of skin development and wound repair. The Driskell Laboratory utilizes the transgenic mouse technologies in conjunction with molecular and histological techniques to deduce an understanding to induce skin regeneration.




Dr. Driskell has a BS and MS in Biochemistry from University of Illinois and University of Iowa respectively. She moved to the United Kingdom and obtained her Ph.D. at University of Cambridge in stem cell biology while working in the laboratory of Dr. Michaela Frye. Her graduate work focused on defining an understanding of epigenetic mechanisms that regulate stem cells in the hair follicle during homeostasis and wound repair. Following graduation, Dr. Driskell joined the biotech industry as a specialist providing technical support for customer at stem cell focused companies (Axol Biosciences Ltd. and STEMCELL Technologies Inc.). On her return to the United States, she joined WSU and is currently an Assistant Research Professor investigating the mechanisms involved in wound healing and how to manipulate fibroblasts to induce skin regeneration



Quan graduated from Montana State University in 2018 with a B.Sc. degree in Microbiology and a minor in Computer Science. He has since joined the lab in March 2019 as a graduate student. Quan is interested in investigating the role of skin fibroblasts in wound regeneration and hair follicle development. He enjoys playing video games, reading, and sports outside of the lab.







Shelby joined the lab as a graduate student in the spring of 2021 after graduating with a B.S. degree in Biology from Boise State University in 2018. She is currently investigating the role of epigenetics in embryonic development and how it drives differentiation of skin. Outside of lab she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, reading, and playing video games.








Sean is majoring in Genetics & Cell Biology at Washington State University and is a member of the STARS Program and the Honors College. He joined the lab as a freshman in January of 2019. His work currently involves single cell data analysis of fibroblasts and other cell types. Sean’s hobbies include playing the viola, listening to music, biking, and climbing.








Natalie is majoring in Microbiology with minors in Spanish Language and Biology at Washington State University, and is a member of the Honors College. She joined the lab as a sophomore in January 2020. Her work currently involves single cell data analysis of genetic markers in varying cell types. In her free time, Natalie is the treasurer of WSU’s club swim team, and enjoys running, hiking, listening to music, reading, and watching television.