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Joanna Chung

Joanne is a Junior undergraduate at Washington State University studying Kinesiology. She is a Sport Science major planning to pursue a career in Cardiac Rehab and Physical Therapy. Joanne is from Bellevue, WA.

Joanne is the coordinator for the Dynamic Balance During Pregnancy & Postpartum Study.

Emma Wilsie

Emma is the coordinator for the Exercise & Prospective Memory Study.

Jordana Dahmen

Jordana is a senior undergraduate at Washington State studying Biology. Jordana hopes to become a research professor and will pursue a graduate education. Jordana is from Uniontown, WA.

Jordana is the coordinator for the Accuracy & Reliability of Physical Activity Monitors During Pregnancy Study.

Tamara Allard & Zoe Wright Osborn


Tamara is the coordinator for the Fetal Origins 

Julia Johnson

Julia is the intern coordinator for the Cougar Employee Wellness Program.

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