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Current graduate students

Brandon Sueoka

Abdulla Al Mamum

Bin Liu

Md. Mehedi Hasan Tanim


Current undergraduate students

Noah Allison



Wei Du (now Assistant Professor, Wilkes University)

Graduate students:

Aleksey A. Sivkov

Binghao Wang (now with LAM Research)

Oliver P. Amnuayphol (now with Raytheon)

Rachel Marilla Hager (now with Analog Devices)

Zhibang Chen (now with Amazon)

Allen Lim (now with ASML)

Quan Tran (now with Hitachi America)

Xue Gao (now with University of Central Florida)

Zecong Fang (now with University of California Davis)

Jiachen Fang (now in China)

Yuan Xing (now in China)

Hung Nguyen

Undergraduate students:

Zoe Minden

Ilahe Hamidivadeghani

Corinna Dollar

Caleb Hooper

Noah Scarbrough

Jacob van Tol

Chayse Jorgenson

Steven Arbuckle

Vadim Sofiyskiy

Noel Giamello

Henok Hailemeskel

Joshua Anglin

Cody Henderson

Raoul Russ

Aleksey A. Sivkov

Steven R. Briggs

Mason T. McGarrity

Jason A. Joe


Undergraduate student, Zoe Minden

Undergraduate student, Noah Allison