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Illumina Sequencing



Workflow of Typical Sequencing Projects Performed at the Core



Pricing Information and Options

Library Preparation

(all prices are per sample)

Application TypeExamples of Reagents/KitsPrice
RNA-seq Library/mRNATruSeq RNA Prep v2$168
RNA-seq Library/Total RNATruSeq Stranded Total with Ribo-zero$221
small RNA LibraryTruSeq small RNA$207
Low Input RNA (10 pg) LibrarySMARTer$290
ChIP-seq LibraryTruSeq ChIP$184
Whole Genome LibraryTruSeq Nano$141
Exome LibraryNextera Rapid Capture Exome$256
Methylation LibraryEpiGome Methyl-Seq$200
Moleculo LibraryTruseq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library
Prep Kit; TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA
Barcode Kit
Amplicon-based LibraryPlease inquirePlease inquire
De Novo Sequencing LibraryPlease inquirePlease inquire
Other LibrariesPlease inquirePlease inquire

Quant/QC of Libraries and Nucleic Acids

Application TypeReagentsPrice
Library Quant by qPCR (per sample)Kapa Library Quantification Kit$30
DNA/RNA Quant Qubit (per sample)Qubit Assay Reagents$5
Library QC (per sample)Fragment Analyzer Reagents$10



Illumina HiSeq 2500 Sequencing

High Output Run
200 million reads per lane
Single Read 50 bpLane$993
Single Read 100 bpLane$1,284
Paired-End 50 bpLane$1,614
Paired-End 100 bpLane$2,140
Any configurationFlow Cell (8 Lanes)10% Discount
Rapid Run
250 million reads per run
Single Read 50 bprun$2,187
Single Read 100 bprun$2,685
Single Read 250 bprun$5,479
Paired-End 50 bprun$3,250
Paired-End 100 bprun$4,261
Paired-End 250 bprun$7,198