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Goldberg Lab Spatial Ecology and Conservation Genetics

WSU eDNA lab extraction protocol

Filter extraction protocol

Our assays

We have designed and validated probe-based qPCR assays for a number of species, many of them amphibians of western North America. Here is a list of those that are running but not yet published. If you are working on these species and want to collaborate with us, you can find us at: wsu.ednalab at

Common nameLatin name
Western pond turtleActinemys marmorata
California tiger salamanderAmbystoma californiense
Long-toed salamanderAmbystoma macrodactylum
Western toadAnaxyrus boreas
Coastal tailed frogAscaphus truei
San Diego fairy shrimpBranchinecta sandiegonensis
Versatile fairy shrimpBranchinecta lindahli
GoldfishCarassius auratus
North American beaverCastor canadensis
Asian clamCorbicula fluminea
Riffle sculpinCottus gulosus
Coastal giant salamanderDicamptodon tenebrosus
Quagga musselDreissena bugensis
Zebra musselDreissena polymorpha
Virile crayfish (AZ and NM)Oronectes virilis
Signal crayfish (Sierra Nevada)Pacifastacus leniusculus
Yangtze giant softshell turtleRafetus swinhoei
Foothill yellow-legged frogRana boylii
Cascades frogRana cascadae
Columbia spotted frogRana luteiventris
Northern leopard frogRana pipiens
Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogRana sierrae
Lowland leopard frogRana yavapaiensis
Southern torrent salamanderRhyacotriton variegatus
Lake troutSalvelinus namaycush
Great Basin spadefootScaphiopus intermontana
Rough skinned newtTaricha granulosa
Northern Mexican gartersnakeThamnophis eques
Narrow-headed gartersnakeThamnophis rufipunctatus