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Paleoethnobotany Laboratory Jade d'Alpoim Guedes

Welcome to the homepage for the Guedes laboratory of Paleoethnobotany at Washington State University.

Current research themes of our laboratory are the study of agricultural sustainability in the past, the origins and spread of agricultural systems in East Asia, Thailand, Mesoamerica and Africa, identifying human impact on the environment, ancient foodways in the Northwest coast and Plains of the Americas and the relationship between changing climate and changes in subsistence systems.

I am on the Academic Board for the Institute for Field Research, a nonprofit organization operating over 42 field schools in 25 countries across the globe.

Along with Steven Weber, WSU Vancouver, we are also working on undertaking a re-analysis of the archaeobotanical material from the site of Harappa in Pakistan and from the Thai Archaeometallurgy Project.  Along with Thanik Lertcharnlit, we have also begun to analyze archaeobotanical material from the site of Promthin Tai.