Since it’s publication in June 2020, the Global Lake Area, Climate, and Population (GLCP) dataset has already been used by at least two published manuscripts, one in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Cuhn & Butman 2021) and one currently as a pre-print on Earth and Space Science Open Archive (Topp et al 2020).

  • Topp et al (2020) Used the Landsat data to assess change in U.S. lake color from 1985-2020. Because their lake color data is built off the HydroLAKES database of lake shapefiles, they were able to merged lake color with the GLCP vis-a-vis consistent, unique identifiers for each lake. They then were able to use all GLCP variables as predictors of lake color change for over 26,000 lakes over 35 years!
  • Cuhn & Butman (2021) used the GLCP’s basin:lake matching scheme, which allowed them to merge lake color landsat, permafrost, climate, and morphometry data into a single analysis.

We – as a team – are so excited that others are using the GLCP for applications beyond our own intended analyses! While we have our own analyses coming down the pipe, we’d appreciate hearing from you. If you used or are currently using the GLCP, please reach out so we highlight your work!

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