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Hearing and Communication Lab Christine Portfors


We have a great group of people working in the lab. Read below to see what everyone is doing.

Christine Portfors, PhD 

I sit in my office writing grants to support all the great people in the lab! And I spend time in my role as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education.

Contact me at portfors@wsu.eduDSCF5422






Jeffrey Hoyt,  PhD candidate

Jeff is working on our NIH grant to understand how dopamine affects auditory processing. He records from single neurons in the inferior colliculus and applies all sorts of drugs to stimulate or block dopamine receptors. Contact him at

Richard Felix, PhD – postdoc

RAFRichard is working on numerous projects in the lab but is most interested in understanding how responses to vocalizations changes between the auditory brainstem and midbrain. He is using optogenetics with dual electrophysiological recordings. Contact him at




Recent Graduates:

Elena Mahrt, PhD – now at UT Southwestern Medical School as lab manager

Matt Lambert, PhD – now at OHSU as postdoc

Alex Nevue, BS – now a Neuroscience graduate student at OHSU

Cameron Elde, BS – pursuing a career in Nursing