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Anna Webb, M.Sc.

Anna Webb: she/her/hers

Twitter: @webb_but_not_spiders

Anna’s LinkedIn Profile

Anna has been a first-generation beekeeper since age 19. She became hooked on honey bees after picking up just one book. Her bachelor’s degree is from Tennessee Technological University in Environmental Sustainability Science with a minor in Biology. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in the Hopkins lab at Washington State University. Her research focuses on finding alternative methods to current pesticide treatments to decrease the amount of chemical input into honey bee colonies. By using an entomopathogenic fungus, her research evaluates differences between chemical treatment standards and biological control agents in colonies.

Since moving to Washington state, she has picked up new hobbies such as skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing, all of which are great personal outlets to indulge in when graduate school gets stressful! She loves the simple things in life such as good Thai food, embroidering/sewing, plants, and her cat Truffles! Since coming into this program and lab, she has had the pleasure to enhance her beekeeping skills, but has also learned more than she ever imagined about all insect species! Her ideal job would be working outdoors doing insect surveying or in a botanical garden.