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Major equipment

  • High Performance Computing Cluster (20 nodes, each computing node has 2 CPUs/12 cores and 16GB RAM. Totally, 700 TB of hard disk, 40 Gb InfiniBand)
  • One HPC workstation HP Z840 (2 CPUs /16 cores, 128 GB RAM, 3TB hard drive)
  • In-house developed strobe-technique based high-speed imaging system to visualize the micron-sized droplet ejection and impact on substrate, which is equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera, 20X microscope, piezo dispenser, LED lighting system, pulse generator, high-precision motion-controlled stage, and an optical table.
  • Phantom® high-speed camera (up to 666K frame per second)
  • TSI® Micro Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system
  • Goniometer/Tensiometer (Rame-Hart, Model 250)
  • FLIR® Infrared camera
  • Fluorescence optical microscope (Nikon, Eclipse CI-S)
  • Brookfield® DV1 Digital Viscometer
  • DyneMaster® DY-700 Automatic Surface Tensiometer



  • Commercial Simulation Packages: Fluent 15.0, CFX 15.0, Comsol 5.0
  • In-house developed CFD codes: Gerris+
  • Post-processing tools: Tecplot 360 Ex, ParaView, Matlab imaging processing code
  • Pre-processing tools: Solidworks, AutoCAD, ANSYS ICEM
  • Parallel programming debugger: Allinea DDT