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At Washington State University Vancouver Water Chemistry Facility

Projects and Publications supported by the WSU Water Chemistry Facility

Representative Projects

Understanding controls on mobility and toxicity of tungsten, an emerging threat to Washington’s waters, USGS 104b grant, N. Strigul and J.A. Harrison.

Developing fundamental new knowledge of stormwater nitrogen pollution removal by unsaturated bioswales: testing novel methods and generating compelling preliminary data, WSU Vancouver Faculty Seed-grant, J.A. Harrison, K. Moffett, and S. Kintner.

Ecosystems: Integrating biogeochemistry and physics to understand nitrogen transformation in lakes and reservoirs, National Science Foundation, J.A. Harrison and S. Henderson

Characterizing Variability and Controls of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pacific Northwest Reservoirs, with Implications for Possible Mitigation Measures, US Army Corps of Engineers-Institute for Water Resources, J.A. Harrison.

USGS 104b Program: Understanding links between water, nitrogen, and greenhouse gases in “green” infrastructure, J.A. Harrison and K.B. Moffett

Publications and products


Mitchell, T., J. Harrison, and K. Birchfield, 2017, An analysis of potential conservative tracers to differentiate between water column and pore water in Lacamas Lake, WA (poster).

Reyes, L., S. Kintner, G. Clark, G. Kahl, and C. Ruder, 2017, Climate, land cover, and seasonal change: critical zone biogeochemistry at WSU Vancouver (poster).