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The Kmec Lab


My graduate students are working on solving problems related to gender and inequality, especially in the workplace.  They are studying topics ranging from how recent college graduates get jobs to the way workplace discrimination is linked to health.  From the way in-group biases shape perceptions of wrong-doing to an application of gendered organizations theory to understanding women’s under-representation in STEM fields.

Publications with current and former students

O’Connor, Lindsey and Julie A. Kmec. 2020. “Is it Discrimination, or Fair and Deserved? How Beliefs about Work, Family, and Gender Shape Recognition of Family Responsibilities Discrimination.” Social Currents. doi: 10.1177/2329496519897973. LINK

Morton, Sarah, Julie A. Kmec, and Matthew Taylor. 2019. “Gendered Framing and Perceptions of a Robotics Reinforcement Learning Task.” The International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology. 11: 313-331. LINK

Zhang, HongJulie A. Kmec, and Tori Byington. 2019. “Gendered Career Decisions in the Academy: Job Refusal and Job Departure Intentions among Academic Dual-Career Couples.” Review of Higher Education.  LINK

Zhang, Hong and Julie A. Kmec. 2018.  “Non-normative Connections between Work and Family: The Gendered Career Consequences of Being a Dual-career Academic.” Sociological Perspectives. LINK

Morton, Sarah and Julie A. Kmec. 2017. “Risk-taking in the Academic Dual-Hiring Process: How Risk Shapes Later Work Experiences.” Journal of Risk Research. LINK

O’Connor, Lindsey, Julie A. Kmec, and Elizabeth Harris. 2015. “Giving Care and Perceived Discrimination: The Social and Organizational Context of Family Responsibility Discrimination.” Research in the Sociology of Work 26.

Kmec, Julie A., Lindsey O’Connor, and Scott Schieman. 2014. “Not Ideal: The Association Between Working Anything but Full Time and Perceived Unfair Treatment.” Work and Occupations 41: 63-85. LINK

Kmec, Julie A., Steve McDonald, and Lindsey B. Trimble (O’Connor). 2010. “Making Gender Fit and ‘Correcting’ Gender Misfits: Sex Segregated Employment and the Non-Search Process.” Gender & Society 24: 213-236. LINK

Kmec, Julie A. and Lindsey B. Trimble (O’Connor). 2009. “Does it Pay to Have a Network Contact? Social Network Ties, Workplace Racial Context, and Pay Outcomes.” Social Science Research 38: 266-78. LINK

Select Student publications

Morton, Sarah. 2018. Understanding Gendered Negotiation in the Academic Dual-career Hiring Process. Sociological PerspectivesLINK

Allen, Eric and Mindy S. Bradley. 2018. “Perceptions of Harm, Criminality, and Law Enforcement Response: Comparing Violence by Men Against Women and Violence by Women Against Men.” Victims & Offenders 13: 373-389. LINK

Hammond, Jake and Eric Allen. 2017. “Valuing Failure: An Avenue to Deep Learning?” Teaching/Learning Matters 46(3):10-11. Newsletter for the American Sociological Association Section on Teaching and Learning (Fall).

Media attention

Hey boss: Moms get it done. Here’s how to keep them around (USA Today, March 16, 2018)

The Centrality of Dual Career for Recruiting Women (research with former doctoral student, Hong Zhang)



Current Graduate Students

Andrea De La Barrera Montppellier

Sarah Deming

Clair (Xiaoqu) Huang

Christie Miksys

Samantha Castonguay

Shekinah Hoffman

Placement of Recent Graduate Mentees

Dr. Eric M. Allen (Ph.D., 2020): Epidemiologist II, Washington State Department of Health

Dr. Sarah Morton (Ph.D., 2019): Data Scientist, Engie Insight

Dr. Valerie Adrian (Ph.D., 2018): Performance, Policy, & Research Analyst, Clackamas County Department of Community Corrections

(honorary lab member) Dr. Jose Collazo, Jr. (Ph.D., 2017): Lecturer, California Polytechnic University-Pomona

Dr. Hong Zhang (Ph.D., 2016): Associate Professor/Research Fellow, School of National Governance, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong P.R. China

Jordan Rinehart (M.A., 2015): Loan production specialist

Joseph King (M.A., 2011): (Ph.D. from University of California-Irvine. Sociology, 2016), Currently at U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications

Dr. Lindsey Trimble O’Connor, (M.A., 2010, Ph.D., 2012): Associate Professor of Sociology, California State University-Channel Islands