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John Bishop Ecological Research at Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens Data Sets

The following data sets from our work at Mount St. Helens are available for additional analyses.

We are still in the process of analyzing and publishing many of these data sets, as well as extending them in time.  We request appropriate citations and acknowledgment of any work derived from these data sets, and we strongly encourage users of our data to consider consultation, collaboration, and/or co-authorship with the original investigators.

Collaborators.  Much of this work was performed in collaboration with Bill Fagan and his students (Fagan Lab) and Charlie Crisafulli (USFS PNW’s Mount St. Helens website)

Funding Collection of these data since 2006 was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB) program, with additional funding from Washington State University and the United States Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station.


Lupin herbivory surveys, 1994, 1995, 1998-2011.
Availability:  1994-2010; Available here, and soon available at FSDB;
Previous use: Bishop 2002, Fagan et al. 2005, Bishop et al. 2005.
Status:  Annual surveys planned through 2016.
bishopj at

Lupin demography, 1991-1995.
Previous use: These data were used in Fagan and Bishop 2000, Bishop 2002,  and Fagan et al. 2005, and in an unpublished manuscript using matrix models to analyze effects of succession and herbivory on population growth. Includes a seed dormancy experiment.
Availability: Upon request.
Status: Inactive.
Contact:  bishopj at

Lupin phenology. 1990-1992.
Previous use: Used in Bishop and Schemske 1998.
Availability:  Available here  and soon available at FSDB;
Metadata in revision for FDSB. For upper level metadata see Bishop and Schemske 1998
Status: Inactive
Contact:  bishopj at

Willow borer herbivory. 2006-present.
We have collected numerous data sets for Salix sitchensis and its stem-boring herbivores. These Includes:
1. Transect surveys of borer attack and and willow density, 2006-2011
2. Plot-based surveys of borer attack, willow density, and stem fate, 2006-2011
3. Experimental exclusion of borers from willows.  2008-2011
4. Stem occupancy and demography study. 2009-2011
Previous use: Several manuscripts in preparation (4/2012).
Availability:  Survey data sets available at FSDB; Experimental and occupancy data are in preparation for archiving.
Status: Annual transect surveys planned through 2016; Experiment ongoing.
Contacts:  bishopj at; crisafulli at;  castaldo at

Pumice Plain Transect Vegetation Surveys.  2002, 2007, 2010
Previous use:  Conifer data  from these surveys are used in a manuscript in preparation (Birchfield and Bishop); Additional portions are used in other manuscripts in preparation. 
Availability: Data are in preparation for archiving;  The first two years will be downloadable with complete metadata in 2012; Contact Bishop for earlier release.
Status: Surveys planned for 2013 and 2016.
Contact:  bishopj at

Pumice Plain Conifer Dendrochronology and Abundance Survey
Includes: 1. Conifer assemblage composition and individual attributes, 2002, 2007, 2010; 2. Establishment dates of >340 conifers, 1980-2000.
Previous use:  
Manuscript in preparation (Birchfield and Bishop); 
Availability: Data are available at this site and in preparation for archiving.
Status: Surveys planned for 2013 and 2016.
Contact:  mkeithbirch at; bishopj at 

The following data sets were collected by Charlie Crisafulli (USFS PNW Research Station) and are made available in compliance with or supplemental to the NSF-LTREB program.

Pumice Plain Temperature and Humidity. 
Availability: FSDB MSH
Status: Seasonal collection planned through 2016
Contact: crisafulli at

Pumice Plain Small Mammal Assemblage Surveys.
Previous use:  Crisafulli et al. 2005.
Availability: 1982-2000 FSDB Mount St. Helens;  2000-2010 in preparation for release
Status: Surveys through 2016
Contact: crisafulli at

Pumice Plain Avian Avian Assemblage Surveys. 
Availability: in preparation for release at  FSDB Mount St. Helens;
Contact: crisafulli at

Mount St. Helens Amphibian Voucher Collection. 
Availability: Metadata FSDB; Specimens at UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (1980-2007).
Contact: crisafulli at

Pumice Plain Initial Lupin Patch Vegetation. 1983-2010.
Previous use:  Manuscript in preparation;  Childress et al. 1998; Bishop et al. 2005.
Availability: 1983-2007 available at  FSDB Mount St. Helens
Contact: crisafulli at