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Journal of Action Research College of Education

Copyright assigned to Wisdom of Practice:  An Online Journal of Action Research  (WOPOJAR).  Permission granted to readers to read, download, and print any article for personal use only.  These articles require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ which can be downloaded here.

Butterfield, 2009:  First language support in a southwest Washington classroom (pdf)

Cooper, 2004: Using social studies simulations to improve student writing (pdf)

Galvas, 2010: Does the use of differentiated performance tasks following Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory improve my high school science students’ opportunity to demonstrate their achievement? (pdf)

Galvin, 2008: Job satisfaction for teachers within a high school (pdf)

Gossler, 2008: Portfolios in a journalism class (pdf)

Krase, 2013: Will a Self-Monitoring Intervention Decrease Off-Task Behavior in Three Special Education Students? (pdf)

Lyle, 2003: A study of academic productiveness of daily thirty-minute choice period for six kindergarten children (pdf)

Maslennikova, 2003: Social development of English language learners: The use of literature study circles (pdf)

Pringle et al., 2013: Blogging in Math and Science (pdf)

Redmond, 2003: Music portfolios for fifth grade general music students: Assessment, teaching, and learning tools (pdf)

Reid, 2012: A study regarding content specialist team-teaching at the elementary level in a southwest Washington school (pdf)

Shira, 2004: Soar to Success reciprocal teaching strategies and their effect on reading comprehension (pdf)

Tanner, 2012:  Using dramatic activities in an English-Language Arts classroom to improve student comprehension of literature (pdf)

Thomas-Fair, 2008: Perceptions of curriculum and inservice teachers: An action research project (pdf)