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Journal of Action Research College of Education



Review Process

Action researchers are invited to submit their original reports as manuscripts to the editor by electronic mail and to submit signed copyright permission forms by land mail (US Postal Service). To be eligible for publication, manuscripts must be original reports of action research, and authors must attest (by signing the copyright permission form) that the research adheres to the ethical requirements of their respective Institutional Review Boards. WOPOJAR is a peer-reviewed journal; manuscripts submitted for publication in WOPOJAR are subject to review by the editor and by peers, authors of previously publishedWOPOJAR articles. The criteria considered when reviewing a manuscript are posted below.

WOPOJAR was piloted in 2003 as a publication outlet for graduate students at Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) and, early on, manuscripts were reviewed by WSUV faculty researchers. Articles are now invited from all action researchers in K-12 education and are reviewed by published WOPOJAR authors and the editor.

Review Criteria (Reviewer Form)

Title of manuscript:

__ Accept and publish.
__ Accept contingent upon making the revisions listed below.
__ Do not accept for the reasons listed below.

Review criteria and comments (including specific revisions needed):

  1. Is the manuscript an example of action research in K-12 education?  Is the topic likely to be of interest to  WOPOJAR readers?
  2. Does reference to published literature indicate that the report is scholarly in nature?  Are citations adequate and helpful as further resources to readers?
  3. Is the research reported well focused and well designed?  Were data collection and analysis methods well matched to the research focus and well implemented?
  4. Are findings clearly stated and useful for K-12 educational settings?  Is enough data presented in the report to tell whether the findings are well warranted?
  5. Is the writing clear, organized, fluent, and interesting?
  6. Any special merit or concern to bring to the editor’s attention?


What to Submit

A manuscript may be submitted via email attachment to the editor as a single electronic document in .doc or .docx format.

Manuscripts must include an abstract of no more than 100 words.

Manuscripts may include tables, figures (including photographs that do not compromise confidentiality and other graphics), and appendices.  Appendices may include:

  • blank consent forms, interview protocols, and survey instruments;
  • confidential copies of illustrative student work samples;
  • other documents necessary for readers to understand a report.

Appendices should not include raw data, documents which compromise confidentiality, or documents unnecessary for understanding the report.

Manuscripts should generally follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Stylistic exception:  manuscripts should be single-spaced with double-spacing between paragraphs.

Manuscripts are published without editing or correction of the original text except as needed for:

  • formatting for consistency with APA or journal style
  • ensuring confidentiality to research participants
  • clarity and final text editing.

How to Submit


1.  Author Permission Form – Print form (available on the “Copyright” page), sign, and mail by U. S. Postal Service to:

Linda Mabry
Washington State University Vancouver
14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue, VUCB 333
Vancouver, WA  98686-9600

2.  Manuscript – Submit a word-processed document (.doc or .docx file)  embedding any tables, figures, or photographs in the file.  Send the file as an email attachment to:

Linda Mabry,, editor.