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Joyce Ehrlinger | Social Cognition Lab JOYCE EHRLINGER | SOCIAL COGNITION LAB


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Current Studies for WSU Undergraduates:
Study Strategies and Learning, this study consists of two parts – both parts require in-person appointments at the WSU campus.

  • This study examines the relationship between beliefs about intelligence and study strategies
  • If you decide to be in the study, we will ask you to meet with us for two experimental sessions. The first session will last approximately 1 hour. The second session will last approximately 40 minutes. During the first session we will ask you to answer questions about study strategies you use when studying as well as beliefs about yourself, including what you feel you’re good at in school and which classes you find hardest. Next, we will have you work through a math lesson on the computer and you will be given a chance to study the material within the lesson. Then in the second research session, we will give you a brief quiz to see how well you learned the material. In exchange for completing the tasks you can receive compensation in the form of credit applied to the research component of a psychology course. Upon completion of the first 1 hour session, you will receive 1 research credit. Upon completion of the second 40 minute session, you will receive 1 research credit.
  • You must be available to complete part 2 of the study during the same weekday and time exactly one week from the time you participated in part one of the study.

* Please be prepared to do both parts of the experiment. Do not participate in Part 1, if you cannot participate in Part 2.
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If you have any questions about current or future opportunities to participate in research, you can contact us at