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Joyce Ehrlinger | Social Cognition Lab JOYCE EHRLINGER | SOCIAL COGNITION LAB

Marissa Hartwig

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Research Associate

Ph.D., 2013, Kent State University


Department of Psychology

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164-4820


The focus of my research is students’ self-regulation of their learning and, in particular, their metacognition.  In other words, I study how students monitor and control their learning.  With regards to monitoring, my research has addressed questions such as:  How accurately can students judge what they do and do not know?  (Often, less accurately than one might expect!)  Under what conditions are students accurate vs. inaccurate in monitoring their learning?  What cues form the basis of their monitoring judgments?  And, what techniques can be used to improve monitoring accuracy?  Understanding and improving monitoring accuracy is important because these monitoring judgments influence how a person controls his or her learning.  With regards to how students control their learning, I’ve investigated topics including study strategies and their effectiveness, study decisions (such persisting or restudying) and factors that can influence those decisions (such as confidence, feedback, or beliefs about learning), and other behaviors that can affect student achievement, such as class attendance and time management.