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Joyce Ehrlinger | Social Cognition Lab JOYCE EHRLINGER | SOCIAL COGNITION LAB

Stephen Paup

Lab Manager


Lab Manager

Washington State University


I graduated from Washington State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. I worked in Dr. Joyce Ehrlinger’s Social Cognition Lab as an undergraduate research assistant from the Spring of 2015 until graduating in the Spring of 2016. Immediately following graduation, I took on the position of Lab Manager of the Social Cognition Lab.

As lab manager I oversee the daily activities of the undergraduate research assistants who work within the lab, manage the regular operations of the lab, and assist Dr. Ehrlinger with various studies, projects and publications. My specific responsibilities include undergraduate research assistant recruitment, the creation of materials for studies, data analysis and management, research and scholarly article searches, as well as anything necessary to keep the lab running smoothly.

My personal research interests include the impacts of stress and how it is managed, the relationship between anxiety and depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generally the methods through which the previously stated conditions are treated. I am particularly interested in tailored treatment techniques depending on presented pathology, as well as incorporating emerging technologies such as virtual reality into treatment methods.