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New Research Lab Statistical Ecology

Recent Publications

Fleishman, E., Costa, D.P., Harwood, J., Kraus, S., Moretti, D., New, L.F., Schick, R.S., Schwarz, L.K., Simmons, S.E., Thomas, L. and Wells, R.S. (In press) Monitoring population-level responses of marine mammals to disturbance. Marine Mammal Science.

Harwood, J., King, S., Booth, C., Donovan, C., Schick, R.S., Thomas, L. and New, L. (2016) Understanding the population consequences of acoustic disturbance for marine mammals. In, Pooper, A.N. and Hawkins, A. (eds.) The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II, Springer Science+Business Media, NY, pp 417-423.

Pirotta, E., Harwood, J., Thompson, P.M., New, L., Cheney, B., Arso, M., Hammond, P.S., Donovan, C. and Lusseau, D. (2015) Predicting the effects of human developments on individual dolphins to understand potential long-term population consequences. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.2109

McMahon, C.R., New, L.F., Fairly, E.J., Hindell, M.A. and Burton, H.R. (2015) The effects of body size and climate on post weaning survival of elephant seals at Heard Island. Journal of Zoology. DOI: 10.1111/jzo.12279

Barraquand, F., New, L.F., Redpath, S. and Matthiopoulos, J. (2015) Indirect effects of primary prey population dynamics on alternative prey. Theoretical Population Biology, 103: 44-59.

New, L., Bjerre, E., Millsap, B., Otto, M.C., and Runge, M.C. (2015) Incorporating uncertainty into a collision risk model for predicting avian fatalities at wind facilities: An example using golden eagles, Aquila chrysaetos. PLOS ONE 10(7): e0130978. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0130978

New, L.F., Hall, A.J., Harcourt, R., Kaufmann, G., Parsons, E.C.M., Pearson, H.C., Consantino, A.M. and Schick, R.S. (2015) The modelling and assessment of whale-watching impacts. Ocean and Coastal Management, 115: 10-16.

Pirotta, E., New, L., Harwood, J. and Lusseau, D. (2014) Activities, motivations and disturbance: fitting a state-space model to bottlenose dolphin behavioural data in Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. Ecological Modelling, 282: 44-58.

New, L.F., Clark, J.S., Costa, D.P., Fleishman, E., Hindell, M.A., Klanjscek, T., Lusseau, D., Kraus, S., McMahon, C.R., Robinson, P.W., Schick, R.S., Schwarz, L.K., Simmons, S.E., Thomas, L., Tyack, P. and Harwood, J. (2014) Estimating the long-term fitness of southern elephant seals on the basis of short-term measures of behaviour. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 496: 99-108.

Moretti, D., Thomas, L., Marques, T., Harwood, J., Dilley, A., Neales, B., Shaffer, J., McCarthy, E., New, L., Jarvis, S. and Morrissey, R. (2014) A risk function for behavioral disruption of Blainville’s beaked whales (Mesoplodon densirostris) from Mid-Frequency Active sonar. PLOS ONE, 9: e85064.