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Linda Eddy's Research College of Nursing
Washington State University Vancouver Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative


Principal Investigator: Linda Eddy, Ph.D., ARNP (Pediatrics); Associate Professor and Academic Director, WSU College of Nursing Vancouver

Project Director: Colleen Haller, MPH

Collaborating Partners: Washington State Department of Social & Health Services, University of Washington

Funding: State of Washington, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)

Purpose: The purpose of the Collaborative (and the related peer support training grant) is to develop sustainable local and statewide education, training, coaching, mentoring and technical assistance to support agencies in providing Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe).  WISe refers to a model of comprehensive behavioral health services and supports to Medicaid eligible individuals, up to 21 years of age with complex behavioral health needs and their families.  The programmatic goal of the program is for eligible youth to live and thrive in their homes and communities, as well as to avoid or reduce costly and disruptive out-of-home placement.  The research goal of the Collaborative is to develop knowledge about the effects of intensive services on quality of life of youth with complex behavioral health needs and their families

Graduate Students

Jeannine Roth
Romney Auerbach