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Mark Lanza

About me

Mark Lanza is a nuclear engineer at PNNL and a MSE PhD student at WSU Pullman advised by Dr. Scott Beckman. Mark’s current research focus is on multiphysics modeling of tritium production and retention in nuclear materials, particularly LiAlO2 nuclear targets (pellets) with the objective to understand the role of structural morphology, radiation enhanced kinetics, and radiation damage on the retention, diffusivity, and release of tritium. At PNNL Mark works on the tritium science and engineering teams in PNNL’s Tritium Technology Program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Mark earned a B.S. Nuclear Engineering at Oregon State University (2012) and a M.S. Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University (2018).

Mark has a strong background (9+ yr) in multiphysics modeling techniques over a broad range of applications including aerosol experiments, advanced radioisotope power sources for space exploration, pressurized water reactors, charcoal adsorption kinetics, and nuclear power plant accident scenarios.

Mark’s professional working experience general nuclear engineering projects in the nuclear industry are summarized here.   

  • Areva/Framatome- Boiling water reactor (BWR) thermal hydraulics engineer. BWR fuel reload design verification and safety analysis.
  • Numerical Applications/Zachry Nuclear Engineering – Engineer. Engineering software developer for nuclear quality assured (NQA-1) applications. Nuclear containment and primary systems safety modeling and design verification.
  • PNNL – Nuclear Engineer