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Congratulations Dr. Emily Nienhuis-Marcial!

Emily successfully defended her dissertation, “Structure of Glasses and Glass-Forming Liquids with Application to Nuclear Waste Vitrification.”  Since the defense format was virtual, due to our quarantine, we don’t have a picture of the group.  So instead, I’m posting a few photos of Emily from her years with the NOME group, 2016-2020.

Congrats again!


(you can see that Emily likes hats, whether in San Antonio or Paris)

You rock Emily!

Good luck to Dr. Mostafa Ahmadzadeh!

Last week was our last week with Mostafa.  5 years ago he came to the NOME group at WSU.

We both looked a bit younger then, but here we are now.

Mostafa also wanted to share his first glass he made here.

He’ll be starting at Exponent in the Boston area very soon.

Good luck Mostafa!

Happy Holidays!

It’s important to celebrate, and we had a smashing good time at the annual NOME Christmas Party.  We had two ‘alums’ join us: Jose and Saehwa.  It was great!  Cheers everyone (and enjoy the snow from this morning!)

Congratulations to (now) Dr. Muad Saleh!

Last Friday Muad Saleh defended his dissertation, “Characterization and Optimization of Dopants, Impurities, and Defects in Bulk Optical and Semiconductor Materials ZnS, beta-Ga2O3, and Nd:YAG.”

Congratulations Muad!