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Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab

Ink-Jet printing for surface engineering and thin film fabrication

The term “printer” has been dedicated to ink-jet printers we use to print documents until the emergence of additive manufacturing and 3D-printers. It still is a prevalent additive manufacturing method since due its high volumetric material deposition resolution (as low as 1 pL). In our lab, we use ink-jet methods to deposit dilute polymer solutions and nano-particle (carbonous, metallic, metal-organic framework) dispersions in thin film forms to functionalize surfaces to spatially control their surface energy, electrical conductivity and chemical response without significantly modifying their topography. Ink-jetting offer a versatile and low cost alternative to large area film deposition methods for various applications including sensors, self-cleaning, anti-fouling surfaces and microfluidics.



Local surface wettability control

Graphene dispersions printed on a plastic surface