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Faculty Affiliate Program

Neurocognition Science Lab and Data Center



Faculty Affiliates

Andy chair

Andy Cavagnetto, Ph.D. – WSU

Dr. Cavagnetto serves a dual appointment with the College of Education’s Dep’t of Teaching and Learning and the WSU School of Biological Sciences. His research projects include “Enhancing Learning and Transfer of Science Principles via Category Construction.” The three-year (2012-2015) project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

UNLV Education and Clinical Studies' David Vallett poses August 9, 2013 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (Aaron Mayes / UNLV Photo Services) Client: EDUCATION AND CLINICAL STUDIES

David Vallett – UNLV, Teaching and Learning Assistant Professor

David Vallett earned his Ph.D. in Education from George Mason University. He also possesses a B.A. in Biology and a M.A.T. in Science Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His current research interests are in learner cognition with an emphasis on misconceptions and evolved heuristics for cognition, educational neuroscience, and the intersection of cognitive science investigations in student learning with classroom instruction. Dr. Vallett’s prior research has examined visuo-spatial reasoning in the design of Serious Educational Games for science learning, and individual differences in misconceptions of Newtonian mechanics.


Deborah Linebarger Pd. D. – Purdue, Associate Professor and Director of the Children’s Media Lab

Deborah Linebarger is an Associate Professor and Director of the Children’s Media Lab at Purdue University her primary research interests are in the interface between children’s cognitive development (i.e., learning, language and early literacy skills, executive function) and educational media and how and whether these relations vary by important demographic and social indicators including poverty status, culturally- and linguistically-diverse populations, age, and location of residence (e.g., rural or urban).


Brian Hand Ph.D.- University of Iowa, Professor

Brian Hand is a Professor at the University of Iowa. His primary research interests are in the use of constructivist teaching and learning strategies within secondary school science classrooms. Emphasis is placed on the use of writing to learn science strategies within these classrooms


Affiliate faculty process

The Neurocognitive Science Lab and Data Center affiliates with faculty and researchers.

The following criteria assist in determining membership in the affiliation program:

  • Individuals are invited to affiliate with one or more specific research cores of the Center that focus on teaching and learning: evaluation, cognition, socio-cultural studies, and measurement.
  • Aspects of each member’s research should demonstrate a clear and continuing connection to the mission of the NCSL.
  • Each member is expected to participate in or contribute to NCSL-wide initiatives to the best of his or her ability.
  • Each member will submit an updated CV to the NCSL annually.

Members wishing to obtain Educational Psychology Graduate Faculty status as part of their affiliation will follow procedures in the Educational Psychology Bylaws.

Individuals interested in applying for membership in the Center should submit a curriculum vitae and a brief (1-2 page) statement of interest that communicates:

  • How aspects of the individual’s research connect to the mission of the NCSL and Data Center.
  • The individual’s commitment to participation in NCSL and Data Center-related initiatives to the best of his or her ability.
  • Existing/planned projects relevant to the mission of the NCSL and Data Center.
  • Existing/planned extramural funding for projects relevant to the mission of the NCSL and Data Center.

Applications for membership will be reviewed by the NCSL Director.

Please send applications to