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Recent Publications

Ladd, O., Garcia, T.A., & Anderson, K.G. (2016). A novel application in the study of client language: Alcohol and marijuana-related statements in substance-using adolescents during a simulation task. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 30, 672-679. DOI: 10.1037/adb0000202.

Hallgren, A., Greenfield, B.L., & Ladd, B.O. (2016). Psychometric properties of the Adolescent Reinforcement Survey Schedule – Alcohol Use Version with college student drinkers. Substance Use and Misuse, 51, 812-822. DOI: 10.3109/10826084.2016.1155609.

Ladd, B.O. Tomlinson, K., Myers, M.G. & Anderson, K.G. (2016). Feasibility and reliability of a coding system to capture in-session group behavior in adolescents. Prevention Science, 17, 93-101. DOI: 10.1007/s11121-015-0588-1.

Grimaldi, , Ladd, B.O., & Anderson, K.G. (2016). Academic and drinking motives and their relationship to alcohol use. Addictive Behaviors, 55, 1-4. DOI: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2015.12.014.

Hallgren, A., Crotwell, S.M., Muñoz, R.E., Gius, B.K., McCrady, B.S., Ladd, B.O., Epstein, E.E. (2016). Assessing treatment integrity in Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy. Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment, 15, 74-84. DOI: 10.1097/ADT.0000000000000083.

Brackenbury, M., Ladd, B.O., & Anderson, K.G. (2016). Marijuana use and cessation expectancies and marijuana use in college students. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 42, 25-31. DOI: 10.3109/00952990.2015.1105242.

Ladd, O. & McCrady, B.S. (2016). Typology of couples entering Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy: An empirical approach and test of predictive validity on treatment response. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 42, 62-75. DOI: 10.1111/jmft.12121.

Garcia, A., Bacio, G., Tomlinson, K., Ladd, B.O., Anderson, K.G. (2015). Effects of gender composition on group processes in alcohol prevention groups for teens. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 23, 275-283. DOI: 10.1037/pha0000032.

Hallgren, A., Owens, M.D., Brovko, J.M., Ladd, B.O., McCrady, B.S., & Epstein, E.E. (2015). Trajectories of drinking urges during individual- and couple-based cognitive- behavioral treatment for alcohol use disorders. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 33, 161-184. DOI: 10.1080/07347324.2015.1018778.

Robinson, M., Ladd, B.O., Anderson, K.G. (2014). When you see it, let it be: Urgency, mindfulness and adolescent substance use. Addictive Behaviors, 39, 1038-1041. DOI: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2014.02.011.

Magnan, E., Callahan, T.J., Ladd, B.O., Claus, E.D., Hutchison, K.E., & Bryan, A.D. (2013). Evaluating an integrative theoretical framework for HIV sexual risk among juvenile justice involved adolescents. Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research, 4, 217. DOI:10.4172/2155-6113.1000217.

Hallgren, A., Ladd, B.O., & Greenfield, B.L. (2013). Psychometric properties of the Important People Instrument with college student drinkers. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 27, 819-825. DOI: 10.1037/a0032346.

Owens, D., Hallgren, K.A., Ladd, B.O., Rynes, K., McCrady, B.S., & Epstein, E. (2013). Associations between relationship satisfaction and drinking urges for women in alcohol behavioral couples and individual therapy. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 31, 415-430. DOI: 10.1080/07347324.2013.831668.

Ladd, B.O., Campbell, W., Fischer, D., Glynn, L.H., Hallgren, K., McLouth, C., Monnig, M., Owens, M., & McCrady, B.S. (2013). A Guide for starting a specialty training clinic: An alcohol treatment program as an example. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 44, 65-72. DOI: 10.1037/a0030699.