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Team Members

Kristan Singletary, PhD

Laboratory Manager

Dr. Kristan Singletary is a North Carolina and Virginia native where she studied hot sauces, BBQ, and saltwater fish.  She met the love of her life in Austin at the University of Texas where she studied hormones and neuropeptides involved in the sleep/wake cycle across vertebrates. She also investigated how nutrition, sleep/wake, and neuropeptides play a role in avian migration; Hook’em Horns!!  As a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, she suffocated from the virulent and devastating work environment, but she was interested in the interactions of maternal behaviors, UPR, stress, and sleep in offspring.  Additionally, she studied the functional connectivity of sleep/wake neuronal and hormone systems across sex and in aged mice. Kristan has also enjoyed medical writing, developing content for branded and unbranded pharmaceutical material.  She was reborn in the Inland Northwest and joined the Peixoto Lab in July of 2015 as lab manager. She also manages the lab next door, so she keeps herself busy.  She enjoys birdwatching, lifting weights, hiking, eating, wakeboarding, music, film, and adventurizing. She does miss saltwater fish and Eastern Carolina BBQ (and Texas BBQ!), but the immense variety of hops here takes her mind off all of that.

Hannah Schoch, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Schoch joined the Peixoto lab in 2017.  Previously, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and completed her doctoral research in molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders in the laboratory of Dr. Ted Abel at the University of Pennsylvania.  There, she focused on molecular pathways affected by gene mutations linked to autism (including her first encounter with Shank3 mutant mice), and epigenetic mechanisms of memory enhancement. She completed a short postdoc at University of California, Irvine studying brain and behavioral effects of developmental drug exposure, and rejoined the autism research community in 2017.  Her research focuses on the effects of Shank3 mutations on sleep regulation and learning.

Taylor Wintler

Medical Student and Past Research Intern, BS Biology

Taylor Wintler joined the Peixoto Lab in May of 2016 as a summer undergraduate research intern. She then continued to work in the lab during her senior year at Gonzaga University to complete a research thesis project while earning her biology degree with a concentration in research. During her gap year following graduation Taylor worked as a full-time research assistant conducting mouse behavioral assays and assisting with the Shank3 sleep studies. She is currently enrolled as an Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine medical student and is continuing research in the lab to fulfill her Scholarly Project for the MD program.

Elizabeth Medina

Graduate Student, BA Psychology

Elizabeth Medina joined the Peixoto lab in 2018. Previously, she obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology from Winona State University in Minnesota in 2018. There, she worked in Dr. Deyo’s laboratory investigating the neuropharmacology of anxiety along with the neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease. In her gap year, Elizabeth worked as a full-time research assistant conducting mouse behavioral assays and assisting with the SHANK3 sleep studies. Currently she is a graduate student in the Neuroscience program at WSU.

Katie Ford

Research Intern

Kaitlyn Ford joined the Peixoto lab in June of 2019 as an undergraduate research intern. She currently attends Gonzaga University, where she is obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology. In the lab, she assists with sleep studies in Autism mouse models, sleep analysis and programming with R. Additionally, she helps with tissue biopsies and molecular benchwork.

Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson

Medical Student, BS Biology, MPH Health Policy & Management, MS Applied Anatomy

Sarah Peterson joined the Peixoto lab in 2020. She graduated from Gonzaga University where she obtained her undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in psychology. Following this, she attended Case Western Reserve University to complete her Master of Science in Applied Anatomy. While attending graduate school, she worked as a Research Coordinator at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center on clinical trials for melanoma and prostate cancer research. She subsequently attended Kent State University, obtaining her Master of Public Health degree. Sarah is currently enrolled as a medical student at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, where she also serves as a Research Assistant on a HRSA funded grant, supporting student and clinic workshops for interprofessional team-based opioid education.

John Koberstein

John Koberstein

Currently: Neuroscience PhD Candidate at OHSU