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Joel Nelson (PhD student)

I did my undergrad at Salisbury University and double majored in Biology and Environmental Marine Science. During my time there, my research focused on observing the genetic structure of the Atlantic Killifish and testing for signatures of divergent selection along salinity gradients. After my undergrad, I went to Wright State University for my Master’s in Biology. My Master’s thesis consisted of two chapters: 1) using the combination of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA to examine the evolutionary history of a complex of dabbling ducks and 2) using next-generation sequencing methods (ddRADseq) to identify outlier loci and non-zero estimates of gene flow within the same complex of ducks. Currently, I am a first year PhD student at Washington State University in the Department of Biological Sciences. My research focuses on mapping fine-scale recombination rates and selective sweeps across the mosquito genome (Anopheles gambiae). During my time at WSU, I plan to hone my lab and bioinformatic skills.

Congratulations Joel!

Joel recently received a tuition scholarship to attend the 2017 Summer Institute of Statistical Genetics, held at the University of Washington, Seattle. The scholarship is specific towards modules focusing on statistical genomics (Likelihood and Bayesian modeling).

Go Joel!