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Population Genomics of microorganisms and their hosts in health and disease Resources

Evolutionary Genomics of Cacao

The Figures for the distribution of Fst between populations along the genome are available in compressed format. The figures are organized as multi-panel Figures with the overall comparison between each population and the remaining 9. Once the manuscript is approved for publication, the figures will be uploaded.

Cornejo OE, Yee M-C, Mockaitis K, Adams A, Strandberg R, Livingston D, Stack C, Umaharan P, Royaert S, Tawari NR, Ng P, Schnell R, Phillips W, Bustamante CD, Motamayor JC. Population genomic analyses of the chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao L., provide insights into the domestication process. (submitted Communications Biology). available in bioRXiv doi: