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Population Genomics of microorganisms and their hosts in health and disease

Tana Smithsakol

I received my undergraduate degree in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University. During my time at Illinois Wesleyan University, my research was in the field of developmental biology. I used histological techniques to study coelomogenesis in clonal asteroid echinoderm larvae in the family Oreasteridae that clone by parotomy of their posterolateral arms. I am currently a research assistant in the Cornejo Lab at Washington State University School of Biological Sciences. Lauren Doellinger and I assist 4th year Ph.D. candidate Joel Nelson in his research on the gene-environmental association analysis of the malaria vector Anopheles Gambiae and Anopheles Coluzzi. Here in the Cornejo Lab, I am working to develop my skills in genomics, bioinformatics, statistics, and a better understanding of population genetics and disease.