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Team Members Psychology of Physical Activity


Amy Cole

Graduate Research Assistant

Prevention Science

I have a Master’s degree in sport management and I will be earning a Ph.D. from the Individual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in May.

I am interested in understanding how physical activity programs and interventions can improve the lives of vulnerable groups such as victims of sexual violence and prison inmates.

I recently presented my dissertation research at the North American Society for Sport Sociology and will be presenting at the Wiley Research Expo this month. The presentations were on how women’s only fitness programming can empower victims of sexual assault.

I hope to get a job evaluating health and physical activity programming either for a non-profit or a city/county. After that I hope to return to academia as faculty.

Psychology of Physical Activity Laboratory
Smith Gym 213-A

Department of Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology
Washington State University
Pullman, WA  99164