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Research Advisory Council Strategic Plan Funding

Funding for Research Infrastructure

As part of the WSU Vancouver Strategic Plan, in fiscal year 2017 $275,000 was awarded to four faculty groups to help achieve the Research Objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan (view the plan here):

  • Increase scholarly productivity at the campus, department and individual levels consistent with the WSU aspiration to advance into the ranks of the top 25 public research universities by 2030.
  • Increase campus research capacity through consistent year-over-year growth in research funding awards per capita and through diversification of funding sources.
  • Incubate new flagship research initiatives focused on areas of cross-disciplinary research leading to the creation of at least one center.

Funded Projects:

“Inaugural Instrumentation for Establishing the WSUV ENVIRONMENTAL MAPPING CORE FACILITY”Steve Henderson, Nick Strigul, Kevan Moffett, John Harrison.

“Cell and Molecular Biology Suite Equipment”Allison Coffin, Barb Sorg, Mike Morgan, Cynthia Cooper, Gunjan Gakhar, Steve Sylvester.

“Acquisition of a High-performance Computing Platform for Large-scale Scientific Modeling and Data Analysis” Xuechen Zhang, Scott Wallace, Xinghui Zhao, Hua Tan, Roschelle Fritz, Alex Dimitrov, Marc Kramer, Kevan Moffett, Nick Strigul, Leslie New.

Field vehicle Science faculty