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Low Moisure Food Safety Low Moisure Food Safety

What are the available frequencies for food industry applications?


Both RF and microwave waves lie in the radar range of the EM spectrum and can interfere with communication systems, such as commonly used in cell phones. As a result, only a few selected frequencies are allowed to be used for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications. For RF waves, the frequencies of 13.56, 27.12 and 40.68 MHz are permitted to be used in the United States for ISM applications.

Table 1. Frequencies assigned by the FCC for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) use.

ISM Frequency


13.56 MHz ± 6.68 kHz
27.12 MHz ± 160.00 kHz
40.68 MHz ± 20.00 kHz
Microwave915 MHz ± 13 MHz
2450 MHz ± 50 MHz
5800 MHz ± 75 MHz
24125 MHz ± 125 MHz