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Low Moisure Food Safety Low Moisure Food Safety

What applications of RF heating are currently in use in the food processing



Fig. 4. 150 KW Combination RF Convection Dryer (From PSC company, Cleveland, Ohio).


Because of the unique heating character of RF heating compared with conventional heating methods, such as rapid and volumetric heating, RF heating has been successfully applied in, several industry sectors, such as the textile and wood industry. In the food processing area, RF heating has already been successfully applied for drying of food materials, post-baking of biscuits & crackers and other food products, and thawing/tempering of frozen meat. Recently, new applications of RF heating are emerging, such as pasteurization/sterilization of foods and disinfestations of agricultural products.

Fig. 5. 50 KW RF Tempering System for Seafood (From PSC company, Cleveland, Ohio)


Fig. 6. Radio Frequency Company’s New Macrowave™ Pasteurization Systems-40 MHz.


Fig. 7. “RF/G 85 kW” equipment for the disinfestation of 5 ton/h of organic rice (From Stalam company, Italy)