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understanding earth through isotopes WSU RIGL

Laser Ablation Split Stream (LASS) simultaneously measure U-Pb (or trace element) using the Element2 HR-SF-ICPMS and isotope compositions (e.g., Lu-Hf, Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr) using the Neptune Plus Multi-Collector ICPMS at RIGL.

We routinely analyze

  1. U-Pb (or trace element) and Hf isotopes in zircon
  2. U-Pb (or trace element) and Nd isotopes in REE minerals (e.g., monazite, titanite, apatite, allanite, chevkinite, etc.)
  3. Trace element and Sr isotopes in otolith.

Example of a zircon laser Hf session:

Example of a titanite laser Nd session: