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understanding earth through isotopes WSU RIGL


Jeff Vervoort
Professor of Isotope Geochemistry
Current Members and Students
Charles Knnack
ICP-MS Lab manager
Victor Valencia
Research Scientist
Chao Zhang
Clean Lab Manager
Ross Salerno
Ph.D Candidate
Tsai-Wei Chen
Ph.D Student
Manuela Botero
Ph.D student
Keita Hasegawa
M.S student
John Patrick Murphy
M.S student
Daniel Gurganus
M.S student
Los Alamos National Lab
Recent Graduates and Postdoc

Research Scientist
The University of Western Australia
Da Wang
Ph.D graduate Spring 2018
Now at Carnegie Science
Clay McDonie
M.S. graduate Spring 2019
Niki Wintzer
Ph.D graduate Fall 2019
USGS Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center
Laura Pianowski
M.S. graduate Spring 2018
Now at USGS-Denver
Alex Johnson
M.S. graduate Spring 2017
UCSB Ph.D graduate Summer 2020
Andrew Jansen
Previous M.S student
Now at Newmont Mining Corporation
Richard Gaschnig
Previous Ph.D student
Now Assistant Professor at UMASS-Lowell