The Murrow College of Communication and The Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO) collaborate to create a Science News Room. The CEREO News Room will pair undergraduate students in the Murrow College with graduate students in engineering and other sciences across the WSU campus. The Science News Room will provide funding, educational resources, and training for Murrow College undergraduate students. Moreover, it will help improve the communication skills of science graduate students and help promote the scientific research being done across campus. Science News Room students will create multimedia communication products, such as news and social media features to profile the activities and accomplishments of CEREO projects or produce investigative journalism pieces focused on current environmental issues. Project personnel include Jason Williams (Principal Investigator and PhD Student in Engineering), Lucrezia Cuen Paxson (Murrow College Broadcast faculty), Brian Lamb (Professor, College of Engineering and Architecture), and Todd Norton (Professor, Murrow College Science Communication). The project will begin spring of 2015 and last through the spring of 2016. This project will serve as the foundation for similar, future collaborations between departments and opportunities for additional funding.