Amanda Boyd recently had an article come out in the International Journal of Green House Gas Control. Below is the title, which links to the article, and the abstract for the article.

Title: Connections between community and emerging technology: Support for enhanced oil recovery in the Weyburn, Saskatchewan area


The enhanced oil recovery project located near Weyburn, Saskatchewan has played an important role in geologic carbon sequestration development. It is one of the earliest and largest sites demonstrating the feasibility of underground storage of CO2 in an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project. The project has been operating for more than a decade with little community opposition and provides a unique opportunity to examine local public opinion of EOR. In-depth, face-to-face interviews with Weyburn-area residents were held to better understand local perceptions of the risks and benefits associated with the development. Results indicate that there is high community support for the project. The primary factors that related to community perceptions of the EOR project included: trust in industry to monitor and manage the project, pride in technological development, local oil field operators contributing to community functioning, and the associated benefits to the region including economic stability. Results also highlight the need for developers to recognize local contexts and residents’ concerns about their community and environment. This research elucidates why the project has support from local community members and also provides recommendations for risk communication and management of similar current and proposed projects.